About Us

Blinx is a company that provides digital living solutions in the space of smart home/office automation, custom-designed entertainment and industrial security that extends beyond the basic definition of just controlling your life digitally. We curate end-to-end experiences for you to take a step forward into the future of world-class digital living.

Our solutions have a leading edge in their designs as well as sustainable functionalities. We offer the best digital living solutions in Delhi and throughout North India which are affordable, energy saving, safe to use, and user friendly.

Blinx makes your homes and offices smart, secured and entertaining. We help you evolve your everyday life one-step ahead into the compass of better living experiences.

Blinx is where digital excellence meets design.

As the name suggests, Blinx is a word adapted and modified from the English word, Blink.  The blink from a source of light; when an idea is born, or maybe the blink of an eye ingesting multiple visual experiences – we’re all at once.

Our Vision​

To reach each and every one seeking digital living solutions for their residential or commercial space; become one-stop shop for all that is required to help them make the “Switch to smart life”

Blinx started as a company that initially provided just home automation, 5 years ago. That was the time when we were still fascinated by the idea of smart phones, smart cars, smart tablets etc. We took upon us to make the homes smarter as well.

Since then, we have put together three successful verticals in place which provide a full circle of services. With constant improvisation and unmatched dedication, today, we have proudly made a name for ourselves in the North Indian market – frequently honored as one of the best service providers for office automation, smart home automation, home theatres, home entertainment, campus security and more.

We understand our success so far merely as motivation to move forward and become that one singular name on everybody’s tongue when they think of Smart Digital Living Solutions.

Our Mission​

Deliver safe, elegant, energy saving and pocket friendly solutions – all accessible at your fingertips.

Evolve lifestyles by implementing digital living solutions with top-of-the-line products that are constantly advancing with the
science of automation, experiential entertainment and on-ground security.

The atmosphere that you spend the highlight of your day in matters more than you realize. A standard of living is often associated with luxury, but for Blinx, it’s all about delivering what makes you feel the most comfortable and relaxed in. Our mission is to curate our services in such a way that they personally connect with you and allow you to live your life more abundantly and of course, smartly.