Access to a smart life – The Blinx Life

The Blinx life is simple and smart, just like our services that lets you move beyond the bounds of manual time-consuming chores, compromises of low-quality entertainment and measures resulting in half-hearted security.

With Blinx, walk into a definition of smart living which seems like a luxury from afar but accurately settles first in the column of necessities.

Blinx Smart Homes

Feel smart, live smarter!

Upgrade your life with smart home or office automation solutions that change the way you live and suit the way you think.

Lighting Automation

Curtain Blinds Automation

Media Automation

Security and Safety Automation

Appliance Automation


A class above the definition of fun.

A whirlpool of entertainment experiences that you never thought you could have at the ease of your homes.

Home Theatres

Auditorium Design

Pro-audio spaces








Life’s too short to worry, let us help you get secure.

Staying alert goes a long way but we believe that you deserve some time off. So lay off all your office, home or campus security requirements over to us and take that liberty to be carefree!

RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL safety and security digital solutions

CCTV Cameras

Motion Detectors

Bio-Metric Door Locks

Gas Leak Detectors

Smoke Alarms

Secure Campus