How do We do it ?

Our Process is easy

The Blinx way of doing things

We understand your needs.

The first step is to meet the client and understanding the right requirements.

We study the site.

Physically assessing the site helps us make sure that we have the right brief.

We present best possible solutions.

After meeting with architects, interior designers and concerned technicians, we make working drawings for the solutions that will fit best.

We propose competitive quotes.

Once a solution according to your needs is finalized, we share the proposal. Our pricing is extremely competitive since we directly deal with brands and entertain no middle men.

We implement at the earliest.

As soon as the proposal is finalised, we release the drawings and start the final work for delivery. Every move on the site is reported back to us and well-coordinated with the site incharge or architects, electrical contractors and Interior designers involved.

We evaluate before delivering.

The project is evaluated under strict supervision by the project managers upon completion. Client feedback is taken as well to make iterations accordingly.

We handover a complete solution.

A complete handover is done once client approves and is happy with the work as well as the project is tested entirely to perform without a hinderance.