Home Theater Acoustic

Are you looking for a solution for your home theater acoustics? Your searches for Home Theater Acoustic end here. Blinx provides a complete solution for home theater acoustics requirements.

Acoustics is mostly overlooked while designing home theater.  We spend a lot in other furnishing items like wallpapers, furniture and consoles etc. but we overlook the importance of acoustics in a dedicated home theater rooms due to which the effect becomes quite muddled, boomy, echoing, and fluttering. The listening experience is generally disappointing with distorted sound quality.  

Do you ever wonder why speaker system sounds better in the showroom than at home?  The answer is the configuration of the room.  These are special listening rooms like movie theaters which are acoustically tuned as per specification of the system.

At Blinx, we have professionals to design the home theater room from scratch. Out experts are highly qualified to design the acoustics for home theater room as per international standards with high quality material and installations.

We are one stop solution for complete home theater requirements and can provide turnkey solutions with variety of options.