The Blinx Entertainment Experience

Experience Superior Quality entertainment right at home.

If movies, music or binge watching TV-shows is what keeps you going through every day’s stress, then we have the type of solutions that will transform your relaxation into an absolute delight.

Our services in entertainment include curation of fully-functional home theatre set-ups with aligning products and sound quality that will touch your heart.

The customization options we offer are countless. We provide multiple styles of projectors, screens, audio systems of various quality standards, recliners and much more.

100% Entertainment and Nothing Less

Auditorium designs

Designing auditoriums equipped with the best suitable entertainment solutions


Screens that don’t just fit your pocket but also fit your rooms.

Home theatres

Turn your mundane TV rooms into something absolutely spectacular!


Stories tend to move you when projected on a big-screen.


Acoustic Paneling for a crisp entertainment experience

Audio Video receivers

Equipment that supports and delivers

Premium Quality Speakers

Blinx has the top brands on-board to give you the audio experience of a life-time for each time you turn the speakers on!


Buying Gold-Class movie tickets is so yesterday! Bring the Gold-class movie experience right into your homes.


HDMI cables, projector mounts, speaker cables, co-axial cable, optical cables We leave no cables tangled! Talk to us about your entertainment accessory requirements.

Interested in The Blinx Entertainment Experience?